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DynaGen Automatic Transfer Switches

Our modern digital economy increasingly demands reliable and affordable electricity while generating less pollution and higher efficiencies. We are dedicated to meeting these needs by supplying the most innovative digital technologies and smart control solutions to equipment manufacturers and power providers world-wide.

Fully unattended and safe transfer of critical circuits to a backup generator supply in the event of a power outages or fluctuations – fail-safe controls, UL 1008 certification, and the best warranty in the business.

DynaGen vigilantVigilant Series – Automatic Transfer Switches

Reliable straightforward switches available from 100A to 1250A with modular design for easy servicing and replacement.  And to suit your special needs all switches are available with or without controls and timer. They are priced right and are covered by the longest warranty in the business Р5 years!

DynaGen vigilant load centerVigilant 100A Load Center Automatic Transfer Switch

This will save you time and money on every installation. It completely eliminates the need to install a separate sub-panel and gives you the choice of using 12 regular or 24 mini circuit breakers. Lightweight and easy to install, it can cut up to 2 hours off your installation time when compared to installing a regular transfer switch and pony panel.

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