Elliott MagneTek

Elliott MagneTek is no longer in business. State Electric is happy to help you with your Elliott parts needs. Please check here for parts and information.

Micro Power Systems


Elliott MagneTek Power Systems understands the stringent needs of today’s small Commercial, Industrial and Residential customers. To fill that need we have deployed the same state of the art technologies, development and system testing that we do for our larger generator sets, resulting in a product that has superior quality and reliability.


At Elliott MagneTek Power Systems we understand the strict noise requirements of our customers. We have selected proven design methods and combined them with our innovative engineering concepts to provide not only an enclosure that will protect your investment from the environment but one that is the quietest in its class. Our standard attenuated packages will help you meet today’s stringent noise emissions regulations with sound levels as low as 63 dba.

State of the Art

For a generator to be advanced enough for today’s back up power needs it must have a sophisticated micro-processor controlled logic center to monitor the incoming utility voltage. If the voltage drops below a preset acceptable level or drops off completely the micro power system is automatically turned on so that your power interruption is kept to a minimum. When the utility voltage achieves acceptable levels the micro power system is turned off and your power needs are returned to the utility grid.

The control center displays warnings and shut downs such as:

  • High engine temp
  • Low oil Pressure
  • Under Speed
  • Over Speed
  • Low Oil Level
  • Over Crank
  • Low Fuel Level (On Diesel Only)
  • Under Frequency
  • Under Voltage
  • Low / High Battery Voltage
  • Maintenance Intervals

Innovative Power Solutions

What this all means is that EMPS is committed to providing you with a high value, high quality reliable power generation solution to fit your needs. EMPS designs are prototyped and tested to meet standards set by:

  • CSA
  • UL
  • NEMA
  • NFPA
  • EGSA

Quality Is Standard

The Innovative Q Series packaging includes standard features that offers the quality you would expect from a world class supplier of generator set equipment.

  • Heavy gauge enclosure for maximum sound attenuation.
  • Lockable door latches.
  • Removable hinged access doors.
  • Gasketed seams.
  • Sound deadening material throughout.
  • Extra critical silencer.
  • Powder coated enclosure for maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Digital automatic start control panel.
  • High ambient cooling system.
  • Oil and water lines plumbed to base rail.

World Class Support

From fixed standby operations to mobile power applications EMPS, Q Series quiet generators are built for reliable service.