DMT is no longer in business. State Electric is happy to help you with your DMT parts needs. Please check here for parts and information.

With over 30 years of generator set and power generation control experience, DMT manufactured generator sets provide dependable electrical power for any installation. Whether prime or emergency standby power, DMT provides reliability, technical support, and custom design capability with a diverse line of products to meet your electrical power requirements.

For reliable power generation, DMT’s Cummins powered C series generator sets are available from 20 to 1500kw, 60 Hertz- 20 to 1560kva, 50Hertz. Designed for dependable emergency power, DMT C series generator sets can be found at airports, nursing homes and hospitals as well as prime power at construction sites, Telecommunication stations, and mining operations around the world.

The C series is available as base mounted generator or may be supplied with optional weather protected or sound attenuated enclosures plus integral fuel tanks and trailers for mobile applications. Cummins natural gas powered gensets are available from 150 to 500kw.

D Series
Designed to utilize the rugged Detroit Diesel engines and Marathon Electric AC generators, DMT D Series provides reliable power to handle the heavy-duty demands of construction sites, mining, rock crushers and industrial plants. From 300 to 2000kw, 60Hertz – 260 to 2100kva, 50 Hertz, the DMT D series provides dependable electrical power for any application. DMT completes the total installation with optional transfer switches, switchgear and a full line of accessories. All designs are built to US and international standards, fully tested prior to shipment, and backed by an extensive comprehensive warranty.

JD Series
Noted throughout the ag belt as the best emergency power source for poultry and swine farms, the DMT JD series diesel powered genset supplies key prime and emergency power for industrial and marine installations around the world. Available from 20 to 200kw, DMT’s JD line of generator sets are available as skid mounted for stationary installations or EPA certified trailer mounted for mobile applications.

All generator sets are coupled with Marathon AC generators to provide outstanding motor starting capability and optional PMG excitation for sustained short circuit capability. All designs are available with a wide array of accessories including automatic transfer switches, weather protected or sound attenuated enclosures, and base mounted and base mounted or in-base fuel tanks.

SF Series
DMT SF Series provides an alternative to diesel powered generator sets. Natural gas or liquid propane fueled, the SF Series utilizes Ford engines and provide emergency power from 15 to 100kw.

Dependable standby power is important to any and all small facilities. The DMT SF series provides reliable emergency power for single family homes, health care facilities, schools and municipal pump stations plus fire and police departments.

The SF Series is designed utilizing solid state voltage regulator and controls meeting the requirements of NFPA 110 and provides standard system protection from overspeed, low oil pressure, high engine water temperature, over crank and others. Optional weather protective enclosures are available.