How does a standby generator system work?

Upon the loss of power from a power utility, the automatic transfer switch signals the generator to start. After the generator comes up to speed, the transfer switch switches your electrical load to the generator until the power utility source is restored. At that time the transfer switch switches your load back to utility, and the generator shuts down and resets for the next outage.

How much do standby generator systems cost?

Cost is dependent on the size of the generator (ie: how much power you need) and scope of installation, and therefore can vary widely. A fully automatic system starts at around $9,000.00 dollars, installed.

What kind of fuels do generators run on?

The most common fuels are natural gas, propane vapor or propane liquid, and diesel. For home use, we recommend either natural gas or propane vapor; vapor fuels do not go bad and can be stored for long periods of time, plus you do not have to worry about refilling a tank yourself.

What size generator do I need?

First you need to decide if you want to supply your whole house or select certain portions to power in an outage situation. Next, you need to calculate your electrical load -the wattage of all of the lights, appliances, etc you want to power- taking into consideration any large loads such as well pumps, booster pumps, and electric heat or air conditioning. In most cases 50% of your main service amperage would be adequate. If you have concerns about sizing your system please call our sales office.

How loud are generator systems?

There are many options available in sound attenuated generators, starting as low as 62 decibels (at 23 feet).

Does your company install generators?

Yes, we offer everything from simple connections to complete turnkey installations.

Do you stock generators?

Our stock can vary, so please call our office.  Many models can be received within a week if not in stock.  We can also ship directly from the factory to you.

Can you come to our location to size our system?

Yes, we offer free site visits and installation quotes. Call (831) 457-3911 Mon-Fri.